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A New Amniotic Membrane Design Technique for Pterygium Surgery
May 2019
Meeting: 2019 Annual Meeting
Author: Sun Kyoung Park, MD; Hye Bin Yim, MD
Poster ID: 52921
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Poster Abstract

To introduce a new amniotic membrane (AM) design technique for pterygium surgery.
After excision the pterygium, we measured the size of defective area, keeping an eye on the opposite side of the defective area. The AM was cut with 1.5 to 2.0 mm margin larger than the defect size. The AM was sutured the vertical axis first, keeping eye on the opposite side of the defect. We sutured the upper and lower horizontal axes, and eye was positioned in slightly on the opposite side of the defect direction from front. The AM was cut according to the boundary at the limbus, three fixation suture was added.
Because the defect size varies depending on the alignment of the eyeballs, we applied the new AM cutting technique presented in the method part above. First, the length of the vertical axis of the AM was measured and the defect was sutured first. After the eyeball was brought to the primary position, the AM was transplanted with proper tension by suturing while adjusting the length of the horizontal axis of the AM.
It is very important to design and cut AM in proper size and shape to cover the defect after pterygium resection. In particular, the AM should be transplanted with adequate tension without redundancy to obtain good surgical results. We think this novel design technique could transplant the AM to the correct size and firmly anchored.

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