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Film 75613: Crystalline Lens Luxation. What's up Doc?
July 2021
Meeting: 2021 ASCRS Annual Meeting
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Film ID: 75613
Presenting Author: Laura García-Filoso Moraleda, MD
Producers: Eva Avendano Cantos, MD; Ángela Barrajón Rodríguez, MD; Fernando González del Valle, MD; Rivera Jorge, PhD; Jesús Lara Peñaranda, MD; José Juan Valdés González, MD, MD; José Manuel Zarco Tejada, MD 
Category: New Producer/Young Physician

In the light of today´s surgical knowledge it is possible to perform a phacoemulsification with an intraocular lens implant in a luxated lens, reflotating, holding and refixating it again. But sometimes it is necessary to look back in order to recover certain intracapsular procedures, mainly because at the present time, there are still no other alternatives.

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