Film 84078: The Good Posterior Capsulorhexis | ASCRS
Film 84078: The Good Posterior Capsulorhexis
April 2022
Meeting: 2022 ASCRS Annual Meeting
Presenting Author: Sonia López-Romero Moraleda, MD
Producers: Ángela Barrajón Rodríguez, MD; Carmen González Polo, MD; Fernando González del Valle, MD; Virginia Hernández Ortega, MD; Rivera Jorge, PhD; José Juan Valdés González, MD, MD; Miguel de Frutos León, MD
Category: New Producer/Young Physician
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Certain cataract surgeries (congenital cataracts, cataracts in young people, posterior capsule fibrosis), require an intraocular lens implantation with optic capture through a posterior continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis. This surgical maneuver can be totally manual or assisted by mechanical surgical devices, like we show in this video.

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