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IC-303 Ocular Surface Procedures in the Treatment Room
April 2022
Meeting: 2022 ASCRS Annual Meeting
Course Instructor: Larissa Gouvea, MD
Co-Instructors: Clara C. Chan, MD, FRCS, David S. Rootman, MD, FRCS, Neera Singal, FRCSC, MD, Allan R. Slomovic, MD, FRCS, MSc, ABO, Joshua C. Teichman, MD, MPH
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Course Description
Course will cover superficial keratectomy for EBMD, Salzmann’s nodules; band keratopathy chelation; pterygium surgery, amniotic membrane grafts; conjunctival flaps; glue for corneal perforations; management of conjunctival chalasis; and corneal tattooing, conjunctival limbal autografts. Emphasis placed on technical tips & tricks with faculty panel discussion on intermediate to challenging clinical situations and interaction with attendees.

Educational Objective
I want the learner to be able to know what disposables and instruments are needed for each of the procedures, how to do the procedures, and what post-op regimen is needed for the patient, as well as how to troubleshoot complications that may arise after each procedure presented.

2022 ASCRS Annual Meeting Instructional Courses

This 1.5 hour Instructional Course was recorded at the 2022 ASCRS Annual Meeting in Washington, DC on April 22-25. 

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