Film 92139: The Big Fall | ASCRS
Film 92139: The Big Fall
May 2023
Meeting: 2023 ASCRS Annual Meeting
Presenting Author: Eva Avendano Cantos, MD
Additional Presenters: Encarnación Asensio del Pozo, MD; Jose Manuel Calzas Durán, MD; Javier Celis Sánchez, MD; Javier Galvez, MD; Fernando González del Valle, MD; Virginia Hernández Ortega, MD; Manuel Moraleda de Acuña, MD; José Juan Valdés González, MD
Category: New Producer/Young Physician
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A double luxation to the vitreous cavity of an intraocular lens (IOL) and a lamellar corneal donor graft is shown. Both are recovered and refixed again. Suturing the IOL allows us to keep the donor cornea graft in place by introducing air into the anterior chamber. Common difficulties in performing a lamellar corneal transplant in a vitrectomized eye are described.

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