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IC-301 Win/Win; Contract Negotiations for Young Ophthalmologists
May 2023
Meeting: 2023 ASCRS Annual Meeting
Course Instructors: Jill B. Maher, MA, COE; William B. Rabourn Jr., BSc
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Course Description
Young Ophthalmologists starting out in practice finally have the chance to make all the decisions as to the location & type of practice they want to join. However, they are faced with challenges finding the right job, as well as comparing & negotiating contracts. This program will help Young Ophthalmologists understand the benefits of various job opportunities, negotiate a favorable contract, and navigate challenges in securing their dream job.

Educational Objective
review, negotiate and sign an employment agreement for their dream job.

2023 ASCRS Annual Meeting Instructional Courses

This 1.5 hour Instructional Course was recorded at the 2023 ASCRS Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, on May 5-8, 2023. 

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