SYM-14 Evaluating Irregular Corneas for Refractive Surgery | ASCRS
May 5-8, 2023   |   San Diego, CA


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SYM-14 Evaluating Irregular Corneas for Refractive Surgery

About this Session

Session Moderators: Marjan Farid, MD, ABO, Cathleen M. McCabe, MD
Panelists: Kenneth A. Beckman, MD, ABO, Sumit Garg, MD, ABO, Marcony R. Santhiago, MD, PhD

This symposium will provide an interactive case based discussion of important points when considering how to counsel patients, evaluate complicated corneas prior to refractive surgery and ultimately determine the best management and surgical treatment to achieve a refractive outcome. Topography essentials, the role of genetic testing in corneal refractive surgery and an update on corneal cross linking will also be presented.

Presentations in this Session

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