Film 100479 Adopting Physiological IOP during Phacoemulsification | ASCRS
Film 100479 Adopting Physiological IOP during Phacoemulsification
April 2024
Meeting: 2024 ASCRS Annual Meeting
Presenting Authors: Arup Bhaumik, MS; Debashis Dutta, MS; Saumendranath Ghose, MS
Category: Quality Teaching
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Safer & faster phaco with rock solid ACdepth is now possible with an active ie.mechanised management of irrigation and aspiration. Modern machines offer higher safety limits across a wide variety of cases.All steps of all cases can be executed with the IOP maintained at,say 20mm of Hg.A very high vacuum and a very high Aspiration flow rate can function safely @ a fixed IOP of 22mmof Hg.

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