Film 100762 Waxing Gibbous Dsaek | ASCRS
Film 100762 Waxing Gibbous Dsaek
April 2024
Meeting: 2024 ASCRS Annual Meeting
Presenting Author: Carolina Cessio, MD; Rosina Cessio, MD; Maria Fornella, MD
Category: Refractive/Cornea Surgery
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We present a 59 year-old patient with a decompensated bullous keratopathy and cataract. Cataract surgery was performed and two months later the DSAEK (Descemet stripping with Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty). During the preparation of the graft, an incomplete gibbous-shaped cut was obtained. Since we did not have other donor tissue, we used the incomplete graft, achieving excellent results.

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