Film 97576 Yamane Achilles Heel: IOL Rotisserie Defects | ASCRS
Film 97576 Yamane Achilles Heel: IOL Rotisserie Defects
April 2024
Meeting: 2024 ASCRS Annual Meeting
Presenting Authors: Wyche Coleman, MD; Timothy Link, MD; Stephen LoBue, MD; Curtis Martin, MD
Category: Cataract Complications
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Intrascleral haptic fixation (ISHF) is a valuable option for lens replacement in cases of dislocation or inadequate capsular support. Uncommon complications include optic-haptic junction tilt and optic-haptic junction fracture. Our case demonstrates the Yamane technique for ISHF complicated by both optic-haptic junction tilt and fracture, ultimately culminating in a successful outcome.

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