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IC-328 Corneal Perforation; Tips and Tricks
April 2024
Meeting: 2024 ASCRS Annual Meeting
Course Instructor: Mohammad Soleimani, MD
Co-Instructors: Ali R. Djalilian, MD, ABO; Joshua H. Hou, MD, ABO; Thomas Dohlman, MD; Albert Y. Cheung, MD; Hajirah Saeed, MD, MPH, ABO; Kenneth R. Kenyon, MD; Scheffer C. Tseng, PhD, MD; Elmer Y. Tu, MD, ABO; Fasika A. Woreta, MD, ABO
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Course Description
Course will cover optimal detection and practice management of corneal perforation and descemetoceles, which are ophthalmic emergencies. Corneal patch grafts, AMT or gluing can be used as temporary or permanent treatments. Objectives: 1. Etiologies and pathophysiology 2. Clinical manifestations, mismanagement, and early diagnosis 3. Emergency management; Cyanoacrylate glue, AMT, and tectonic (patch) graft 4. Visual rehabilitation

Educational Objective
Describe the etiology, clinical manifestations, treatment protocol, and surgical techniques of corneal perforation especially in the emergency setting.

2024 ASCRS Annual Meeting Instructional Courses

This 1.5 hour Instructional Course was recorded at the 2024 ASCRS Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, April 5-8, 2024. 

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