SYM-13 Vision Reimagined: Strategies for Refractive Surgery Re-Operations and Beyond | ASCRS
April 5-8, 2024   |   Boston, MA


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SYM-13 Vision Reimagined: Strategies for Refractive Surgery Re-Operations and Beyond

About this Session

Session Moderators: Jennifer M. Loh, MD, ABO; William F. Wiley, MD, ABO

Delve into the complexities of refractive surgery reoperations with the 'Vision Reimagined', a symposium, dedicated to the intricacies of secondary surgery care. Our focus will navigate through the necessity for reoperations, ranging from managing unforeseen complications to performing enhancements and addressing subsequent cataract surgeries. Each situation of a secondary procedure brings unique challenges and demands careful consideration. Join us as we dissect the multifaceted approaches to common reoperation scenarios, share innovative techniques, and foster discussions aimed at improving patient outcomes in refractive surgery reoperations.

Presentations in this Session

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