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Perspectives on Private Equity in Ophthalmology
October 2022
Faculty: Albert Cheung, MD; Ashleigh Levison, MD; Thomas Meirick, MD; Ben Nicholas, MD; Kavitha Sivaraman, MD

Join moderator Albert Cheung, MD, with faculty Ashleigh Levison, MD, Thomas Meirick, MD, Ben Nicholas, MD, and Kavitha Sivaraman, MD, in this YES Connect webinar on Private Equity. In this webinar, experts will help young ophthalmologists understand the background of Private Equity, including its pros and cons. This group of diverse faculty will provide various perspectives and advice on their experiences and how private equity has played a role in their own careers in ophthalmology.
Webinar Faculty
Albert Cheung, MD
Ashleigh Levison, MD
Thomas Meirick, MD
Ben Nicholas, MD
Kavitha Sivaraman, MD

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